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Pilates Reformer for Men

This course is designed to maximise the benefits of Pilates for the male physique.  Each week, you'll be taken  through specific Reformer exercises to improve your strength, stability, posture and flexibility.  This includes the hip flexors and hamstrings which are typically less flexible in men.  You'll also address the impacts of over-training specific muscle groups, such as the abdominals and quads, resulting in a more balanced body, greater range of movement and a reduced risk of injury.  

.    Suitable clothing must be worn as detailed on the Class Policies page. 


Pilates Reformer for Men

Pilates Reformer for Men is a mixed-ability course.  

 No previous Pilates experience is necessary but, as this is a bespoke course, we are unable to offer refunds or transfer the course to someone else.   

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