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All our sessions are designed to give your life balance
Pilates Mat, Orbit & Barre

Pilates Mat

A great introduction to the Pilates repertoire! This session will enhance your flexibility, strength, mobility, posture and powerhouse (core). Pilates Mat is suitable for all abilities and will explore all the Pilates principles which are centring, breathing, control, precision, flow, alignment and integration. Once all these principles are in place the body can move freely and functionally. 

Pilates Gentle Mat. This is an easy introduction to the Pilates repertoire.

Progressive Mat.  A more challenging session for those who are seeking an energetic work out.


Pilates Orbit

A full body workout that strengthens and stretches whilst you roll through the moves! Exercises on the Orbit can be performed seated, laying down (prone and supine), kneeling and standing. 

Pilates Orbit is a mixed to progressive session which will challenge your strength, coordination, control, mobility and powerhouse (core).  Pilates Orbit is an amazing core workout because it demands that your abdominals are always engaged. This is also a great way to improve upper and lower body strength.  The Orbit wheels spin 360 degrees, your challenge is to remain in charge of the Orbit!

Pilates Barre

Pilates Barre is a standing class that combines Pilates and Ballet. It is an energetic and elegant session that provides a full body work out. It does not require any prior dance experience. Over time you will develop correct positioning and alignment.

Through Pilates Barre classes you will also improve balance, coordination and proprioception (Mind to muscle connection).  The skills and strength developed through these fun group sessions are designed to enable strong, lean, healthy bodies at every age, for life.


Pilates Mat &  Orbit have maximum session sizes of 7 adults.  Pilates Barre has a maximum session sizes of 8 adults


Single session £8 (valid 14 days)

5 session pack £38 (valid 60 days)

10 session pack £72 (valid 120 days) best value


Gift vouchers are available to purchase. For details please email 

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