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Pilates Reformer & Springboard 

Pilates Reformer

 The Pilates Reformer, created by Joseph Pilates is a bed like frame with a flat carriage that uses a weighted spring system to add resistance and assistance to the Pilates moves. Every Reformer client at Prominence Pilates Studios is thoroughly taught on all variations of this impressive apparatus. The Reformer exercises can be performed seated, laying down (prone and supine), kneeling, side-lying and standing. The Pilates Reformer can add an extra challenge to the Mat syllabus or it can assist to help clients reach their full potential that they would not be able to achieve in a Mat class. This session will give a total body workout that is low impact; it is ideal for toning and strengthening all areas of the body.

Gentle Reformer. A gentle/restorative introduction.

Progressive Reformer. A more challenging Reformer session for those who have Reformer experience.



Pilates Springboard

Our springboard sessions are tailored to suit your individual needs and objectives, allowing for greater progression and development.

Springboard is a unique wall-mounted workstation that facilitates an invigorating full-body mixed ability workout. Designed by master Pilates teacher, Ellie Herman, Springboard follows all the same Pilates Principles you are familiar with, but introduces a weighted spring system that allows users to increase resistance for maximum benefit and results.  

Pilates Springboard is a great way to take your Mat Pilates practice to the next level. It is also ideal for targeting weaker muscle groups, for example underarms or obliques that may require a little special attention. 
These classes will accommodate a maximum of 5 adults allowing the instructor to provide supervised coaching throughout the session.

Pilates Reformer and Springboard have maximum session sizes of 5 adults


Single session £15 (valid 14 days)

5 session pack £71.25 (valid 60 days)

10 session pack £135 (valid 120 days) best value


Gift vouchers are available to purchase. For details please email kate&

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