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The past two months in the new studio have been ALL GO, but I just wanted to pause for a second and provide a bit of background for any new clients (and all the fabulous Prominence regulars) who might like to know more about my teaching credentials!

I discovered Pilates in 1999 whilst studying dance and looking for a way to complement my rigorous training. My tutor was a former National Ballet of Canada performer who opened my eyes to the way Pilates can help both athletic performance and everyday life.

I was inspired to teach Pilates myself and attended the Pilates Institute London where I qualified as an Instructor. I enjoyed teaching in Hertfordshire. before returning to the North in 2005 where I delivered Pilates in a variety of school, fitness studio and community settings.

Now juggling family and business life, I continue to be driven by the way Pilates supports and boosts health and wellbeing and am passionate about helping my clients enjoy the benefits too. This means finding time for the most up-to-date training and regularly traveling to London to continue my own learning and progression.

Having undergone four bouts of surgery, I fully understand the challenges of physical recovery, especially whilst trying to maintain a normal life at home and work. Pilates not only assists but facilitates good movement so helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals or aid their recovery is my ultimate motivation.

I LOVE teaching all the different classes that we are now able to offer in the new studio and am delighted that the extra space means I can now offer more opportunities for personal, professional 1-1 tuition.

1-1s are a great way to understand individual client needs and develop a personal Pilates programme tailored just for you. If you've got any questions, movement niggles, or concerns about how Pilates can work for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

And for those of you who have been with me from the very beginning, THANK YOU. Having you with me on this journey has been an absolute pleasure and I'm excited for how much further we can go!

See you soon,


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