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Reformer Transformer

Reformer Transformer

Demand for Pilates Reformer classes boomed when singer Adele revealed her newly svelte figure a couple of years ago. But for me, the biggest transformation that emerged from those pictures was in mindset. It was a bold and beautiful wake-up to the world that fitness does not have to be about sweating it out in a gym, or notching up hours on a treadmill. People were shocked that Pilates could achieve such dramatic results. And yet when you consider the principles of Pilates; when you understand how it works from the inside out and you commit to progression instead of perfection, huge change is possible. Not just in body, but in mind. And that’s when exercise becomes sustainable enough to be utterly transformative.

Pilates Reformer is suitable for all ages, all abilities, and all levels of fitness. Your instructor will advise you on what level of resistance is best for you, depending on your individual goals and ability. All the same principles of Mat Pilates apply to Reformer. By working with the springs you can push for greater results, building core strength, muscle, flexibility, and fitness in a controlled and sensible manner that works with instead of against your body’s limitations.

Our new Prominence Pilates studio now offers many different classes in which to practise and progress in Pilates, but Reformer continues to be central to our teaching. All our instructors are passionate about continual improvement, so we are up to date with the latest training and are always excited to deliver high-quality, fun classes in our beautiful new studios. We feel like we are creating something special here in our little corner of West Yorkshire - a centre of Pilates excellence that we are proud and privileged to share with you.

Come and try a Reformer class today. Let the transformation begin!


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