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Take your workout into Orbit.

Does your life feel a bit like you are on super-charged roller skates? Zooming around, a little haphazard maybe? Frantically hurtling between destinations.... a little out of control? Are you just about holding it together but quite possibly seconds away from a catastrophic fall?

If this all sounds a little too familiar, I hear you! Most of us are simply doing our best to get by and that’s great, but wouldn’t it be nice to feel a little less like we are clinging onto the universe and a bit more in control?

Orbit classes are difficult to explain and that’s why I always recommend to clients that they come and try them for themselves. Yes, it’s good to mix up your regular Pilates routine, but here’s why this class, in particular, is a brilliant addition to your Mat or Reformer work.

Orbit can escalate your Pilates workout to the next level, but the gains made in this class come from mastering connection, concentration, and control. This class uses the same movement principles of Mat Pilates but demands an extra level of purpose so that you mindfully engage the correct muscle groups in order to stay in control of the Orbit.

This is a challenging, but super rewarding workout for all abilities and like all our Prominence classes, regular practice will reap rewards. A percentage of our class time is dedicated to stretching and connection, which really helps you become centred - a benefit that will serve you, not only through the workout but throughout the day.

Engaging your powerhouse is the secret to Orbit success and means that you are constantly conditioning your abs, glutes, and pelvic floor, especially good for clients who want to tone up, but also important in maintaining good posture. And who doesn’t need that extra half inch?

What seems like small, concentrated arm back and shoulder exercises leaves you feeling like you have worked extra hard. In fact, it might help to think of Orbit as the Parfum to your regular Eau De Toilette!

The name Orbit suggests rotational movement and we will certainly be using the wheels to aid and assist smooth flow as well as using the extra resistance to build strength.

In this class, we learn to move with control and purpose and I would love to think those virtues can be carried into our hectic everyday lives too.

Why not join me in Studio 1 and sample the magic of Orbit too?


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