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Our Class Policies

Here are our studio rules; in place for the ease and comfort of everyone.

  1. ​Classes start at half past the hour with the exception of Reformer which starts at twenty five to the hour. Entry is not allowed 5 minutes after the start of class.

  2. The code for the door is provided by email. From time to time, we may change the door code for security reasons, so we recommend that you check your class booking reminder email for the latest code.  

  3. Please bring your own Pilates mat for Pilates Mat, Springboard and Aerial.  

  4. Grip socks must be worn in the studios and outdoor shoes left under the bench or in a locker.  

  5. Phones should be on silent mode and placed in one of the lockers. Earphones must not be worn in the studios.

  6. Wear suitable clothing such as leggings or tracksuit bottoms. If wearing loose shorts, please wear something tight underneath 

  7. Long hair should be tied up for all equipment classes.

  8. Jewellery should be removed and zips covered over in Aerial classes. Ideally wear leggings without zips for this class. 

  9. Filtered water is available but you will need to bring your own water bottle.

  10. Let your instructor know if you have any injuries or are pregnant so that they can modify exercises for you as needed. 

  11. We have a 48-hour class cancellation policy. Cancellations after this time are non transferable.  

  12. Class packs or courses cannot be transferred to other people and, once booked, courses cannot be refunded.

  13. Prominence Pilates Studios have the right to change an instructor and the class timetable at any time.

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