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Pilates Mat & More

Pilates Mat & More will improve your strength, flexibility, mobility, posture and powerhouse (core). By incorporating small apparatus, you'll get more variety and your body will be challenged to work that little bit harder.  This is a mixed-ability class, suitable for everyone, and is grounded in the Pilates principles of centring, breathing, control, precision, flow, alignment and integration.

Max class size: 7 Adults

Pilates Reformer, Springboard, Aerial and Studio Equipment 

Pilates Reformer offers a total body workout that is low impact and ideal for strengthening and toning all areas of the body. The reformer uses a weighted spring system to provide resistance or assistance to the Pilates moves which helps clients to push themselves a little bit harder or achieve positions that are difficult for them on the mat. All Reformer classes are mixed-ability so suitable for beginners.

Max class size: 5 Adults


Springboard is a unique wall-mounted workstation that facilitates an invigorating full-body workout. It follows all the same Pilates Principles you are familiar with, but introduces a weighted spring system to increase resistance for maximum benefit and results.  Pilates Springboard is a great way to take your Mat Pilates practice to the next level.  It's also ideal for targeting weaker muscle groups, for example underarms or obliques that may require special attention.  All classes are mixed-ability and suitable for everyone. 
Max class size: 5 Adults


Aerial Pilates involves practicing Pilates exercises in the air by suspending the body or parts of the body in an aerial hammock.  Taking a regular Aerial class will improve your posture, alignment, strength and stability.  It will also challenge your proprioception, balance and concentration meaning it provides wellbeing benefits as well as optimum fitness.  All classes are mixed-ability and suitable for everyone .  Beginners practicing Aerial Pilates may start on the floor with the assistance of the hammock, then gradually advance to exercises that require full-body suspension and inversions.  .  

Max class size: 5 Adults


Studio Equipment group sessions provide access to a variety of professional Pilates workstations, each offering unique, targeted workout opportunities.  This is a chance to train like a professional, using equipment that is not widely available, yet has proven results in improving strength, mobility, stability and powerhouse (core).  A circuit training format gives everyone a chance to experience each piece of equipment and sessions will be designed to include both an upper and lower body workout that will leave you energised and invigorated.  Plus an experienced instructor on hand to help you get the most from your workout.

Max class size: 4 Adults

Private Lessons  

Private lessons are tailored to suit your needs and goals, allowing for greater progression and development.  These can be booked as a 1 to 1, meaning you will have exclusive access to Studio 3 and individual tuition.  A 2 to 1 means you can come with a friend.  You will have exclusive access to Studio 3 and each of you will receive individual tuition.

Private Pilates lessons give you access to professional Pilates equipment such as the Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Wonder Chair and the rocking Reformer.  This equipment allows you to work your body in different ways to the Group Classes.

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