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Welcome to Prominence Pilates Studios

Our friendly and supportive Pilates studio, in the heart of Cleckheaton, is a space for you to take a moment and focus on you.  We offer a range of mat and equipment-based Pilates classes, including Reformer Pilates, and each class is carefully choreographed to improve your strength, mobility, alignment and wellbeing. You'll leave each class feeling refreshed and re-energised; ready to tackle whatever the universe has in store for you! We also offer private lessons, perfect if you have specific goals in mind and our online platform gives you the ability to work out anytime, anywhere.


Small Group Classes

Our classes are small so that we can get to know you individually, pay attention to how you're moving and help you get the best out of each class.

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Progression not perfection

We were all beginners once and we understand that it can be daunting to try something new. Take a class at Prominence and you'll receive a warm welcome and the support you need to reach your goals.


Private lessons

Private lessons are perfect if there's something specific you want to focus on. Individual tuition will help you hone your technique and learn more about how your body is working.

“I feel so much stronger since doing Pilates.  I notice it when I'm out walking or gardening.  My back doesn't ache and I have much more stamina.”


Our Instructors

Our instructors are pretty special at Prominence Pilates.  Naturally we're all passionate about Pilates and with that comes the responsibility of making sure we keep learning. We all attend regular training courses and support each other by participating in each other's classes and providing feedback. Most recently we've been learning specific teaching techniques to help our neurodiverse clients get the best out of our classes.

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Book A Class

With over 60 classes and private lessons on the timetable every week, we're certain there's a class for you at Prominence Pilates Studios

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