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Meet Kate


Kate originally trained as a dancer, leaving home in 1999 to study and work in London. While there, she took regular Pilates classes to complement her dance training and fell in love with the disciplined approach and the benefits for her body and wellbeing. She subsequently trained at the Pilates Institute London and, after teaching Pilates in the South of England for a few years, returned to West Yorkshire in 2005 and continued to teach in schools, fitness studios and community settings. 

During this time, Kate started formulating plans for her own Pilates studio. Her vision was simple; to set up a small studio and teach Pilates on the equipment she’d trained on in London. Equipment like the Reformer, the Ladder Barrel and the Chair. Fast forward a few years and she opened her first studio in 2018, moving to the current studio on Albion Street in 2021.

Kate is passionate about staying at the forefront of Pilates developments and, together with the teaching team at Prominence, keeps up to date by attending regular training courses. Her latest qualifications are with JPilates in London. 

After experiencing four surgeries, Kate has an empathetic approach to delivering Pilates. She appreciates the challenges of recovery and how different circumstances can prohibit movement. Her personal philosophy is #progressionnotperfection and helps every client under her tuition to get the most out of their bodies and see sustainable changes or improvements over time.

When Kate isn’t teaching, you’re likely to see her whizzing around the studio with anti-bacterial spray and a cleaning cloth, tidying up and lighting candles. All the things that make the studios such a lovely place to take classes. When she’s not at teaching, she’s spending time with her beautiful family, walking her dogs and enjoying the occasional gin and lemonade!

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